JS Achievements

JS Aberlour

“Jog Scotland Aberlour has now been ‘up and running’ for over a year and members have succesfully completed running events ranging from 5k to half-marathon distance and walking events up to the full marathon distance. 4 members are currently signed up to participate in the Baxters Loch Ness Marathon in October and some members now regularly run with Keith & District AAC on a Wednesday evening. Although these achievements are impressive, we are equally delighted at the progress of all our walk/run groups and look forward to supporting them all in the future.

“I have been with Jog Scotland for just over a year now and have completed 10k’s and half-marathons, I have also entered the Loch Ness Marathon in October and thank Jog Scotland for encouraging and supporting me throughout these achievements.”

Leanne Barry

JS Buckie

I just love the whole experience. The training is very professional and varied and everyone is made to feel welcome, whatever their standard. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and was apprehensive since I could not run 5 metres. Now I can do 5 and 10Ks. Not only am I happier and proud of myself, but I have also reduced my blood pressure by a significant margin. If I can do it at my age, almost anyone can.”

Bill Cooke


JS Dufftown

See and hear about Audrey Benvie’s personal, and group, achievements on You Tube (see JS Duffown Information Page)

‘I was always the wee, fat kid that came last in races at school sports day.  Feeling the excesses of Christmas sitting on my hips in January (2008) I decided to drag myself along to the local gym.  It was there that Audrey and Alex told me about the Jog Scotland group.  I told Audrey I couldn’t run, but she assured me she would get me running.  I had to admire her tenacity.  If she thought she could succeed where a succesion of P.E. teachers had failed before her then who was I to deny her the opportunity to prove herself?

In Febuary (2009) I plucked up the courage to go along to the (Dufftown Jog Scotland) group for the first time.  I felt highly inadequate and totally terrified.  I don’t know what I was so worried about.  Everyone in the group was very supportive and varied in ability from absolute beginner to those who were running for forty to fifty minutes.  We started slowly, running for short stints of thirty seconds at a time.  Each week we did a little more.  There was lots of huffing and puffing and lots of laughter.  After 6 months I could run for a distance of 5k and lost almost 2 stone.  I have much more energy, lots of new friends and I LOVE RUNNING.’

Lorna Lees is now one of our valued Jog Leaders

JS Elgin

Just want to say that from the very beginning of joining jog scotland as a novice last April, there has been nothing but encouragement from all jog leaders – always there to support and get more out of me than I thought possible.  Now as a jog leader, I hope to inspire our members as much as you inspired me.”  Anon

“I tentatively telephoned the number on a poster advertising a new Jog Scotland Elgin Group starting in November 2009. The reassuring voice on the other end promised that it would be ideal for me, as my emphasis was to improve personal health and fitness. I had last jogged in preparation for The Rotary Marafun back in 1995 but stopped soon after. Starting the Beginners Programme was ideal and listening for the blow of the whistle to rest, was “music to my ears” on many a night. As the months progressed, with my commitment to a Thursday evening never failing, I was amazed at my progress. I completed a 10 km race the following September and look forward to a few this year. I am indebted to the Jog Leaders for their vision in starting up the group and most of all their enthusiasm and encouragement. Also to all the members for the camaraderie; I definitely now have the jogging bug!!” 


JS Keith

“Since the JS group in Keith started up through Barbara Stearn, Frankie Barton and Gerald Angus in 2007, the group have had a number of achievements through these years.  Some of the initial participants who could not run in the beginning have now completed numerous 5k and 10k events throughout the North of Scotland, as well as some 10 mile and half marathon events.  Some of the JS Keith group have now even progressed up to the Keith and District Amateur Athletics Club, which is a fantastic achievement.  Everyone enjoys coming along on the Monday nights regardless of what level they are at with everyone enjoying themselves, getting fitter and socialising.

“As someone who was by no means a runner/jogger when I first started with JS Keith back in 2007, I have amazed myself at what I have achieved through the past 3 years.  I am now a member of Keith and District Amateur Athletics Club, although still attending JS Keith sessions to keep up my level of fitness.  Since catching the jogging bug, I think my biggest achievement to date has to be in participating in the Great North Run in Newcastle in 2008.  Even contemplating a marathon now!!! (never thought I would ever say that!)”

Kim Paterson

JS Fochabers

Since being established 4 years ago JS Fochabers has seen its numbers increase steadily with a range of jogging abilities from first time 5K joggers to Marathon runners. Over the years members have achieved personal goals in 5K, 10K, 10miles, half marathon and Marathon races.

I started jogging in 2008 to take part in my first 10k. After the race I stopped jogging. I moved to Moray in 2009 and soon joined the Fochabers JS group with a view to take part in the Baxters Loch Ness 10k. Since then I have never looked back. I have now taken part in almost a dozen 10k’s in the last 18 months and have improved my race time by 15 minutes. The Support from the leaders even encouraged me to give back to the club and become a leader myself. I’m now training for my first half marathon. JS Fochabers is so much more than a jogging club. It is a social network of support and encouragement. There is always somebody to jog with (and chat to of course) no matter what your ability.”

Ruth Pirie