JS Buckie

Group name: JS Buckie
Nature of group: Adult
When you meet: Tuesdays 6.30pm and Thursdays 6.30pm 
Where: Tuesdays – Swimming Pool entrance; Thursdays – Drifter Car Park (aimed at more established runners from our Tuesday group who are looking to improve) 
Cost:£1 per session
Jog Leaders: Gillian Thain; Morag Mair; Malcolm Mair; Wendy Christie; Tina Cameron; Adeline Mitchell; Clare Lock; Eileen Riddoch; Maggie Findlay 
Contact: Eileen on 07966257628; jogscotbuckie@gmail.comJS Buckie

We have gone from humble beginnings of 4 people to up to well over 100. The group has a range of abilities from mere walking and jogging through to fairly decent runners. Our group is not, however, an athletic club and the emphasis is on personal health and fitness, not competition”.

Nick Brown, Group Leader

“There are more people taking part than I expected (and all really nice) and some of the sessions are harder than I envisaged…I am definitely feeling fitter and better with myself.”

Christopher Bremner.

The sessions are great. I love the social part of the group as much as keeping fit and exercising.”

Margaret Bruce.

I can’t believe that I managed to run the race that well, so my thanks for the weekly sessions and the enthusiasm and encouragement of the jog leaders.”

Tina Cameron.

Having always hated running and never being able to do it, we’re inspired and enthused by the group – its exceeded both our expectations, and we enjoy it! We never thought we’d be able to run as far as we can now – a real achievement for us. And its been a fantastic way to meet new people“.

Steve and Clare Lock.

I can honestly say, for me, my senior age makes no difference. The group members are all very friendly and we really have fun while we exercise. All in all, I’m really glad I joined the group.”

Pattie Cowie.

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