JS Dufftown

  • Group name: ‘Still Running’ Dufftown Jogscotland
  • Nature of group: Adult
  • When you meet: Tues: 7pm: Sun: times vary
  • Where: Tues – Dufftown Memorial Back Hall (Oct-April) ; Westburn Football Park, Hill Street (Mid April-Oct);  Sun: Dufftown Clock Tower
  • Cost: £1
  • Group Leader: Alison Watt, Linda Thompson, Alex Benvie
  • Jog Leaders: As above
  • Range of group: 3 groups – Walk/jog beginners; Intermediate and Advanced
  • Routes Available: Many varied routes exploring the diverse and beautiful countryside of Dufftown and surrounding area.
  • Contact: Tel Alison Watt: 01340 820303 or 07876 268274 or email ackl@btinternet.com
  • Suggested links: Welcome to Dufftown
  • Other information: Click here for our LATEST NEWS>>

JS Dufftown Members’ Quotes

Since starting with Jogscotland, Dufftown in February 2009, I feel I have gained a lot more motivation and feel a lot fitter and better in myself. I am taking part in races which is very rewarding and would recommend Jogscotland to everyone.”

I joined joscotland, Dufftown last summer and I couldn’t run for 3 minutes. I can now run for 45 minutes which is a great achievement. I love the social aspect of the group and I feel much fitter now. A big thank you to Audrey Benvie for her time and patience